At Westar, our experienced team of plant breeders take great care to create the highest quality varieties that result in successful harvests with great tasting fruit. This rigorous process includes selecting the best parent plants that are more resistant to diverse conditions and other challenges that growers will face. By using the newest breeding technologies coupled with traditional methods, we are able to offer better solutions to growers. From fruit appearance to taste to cost to marketability, our objective is to continue to deliver elite products for all markets.

Market & Consumer Research
By understanding what consumer demands and anticipating market trends, we are able to create new varieties of plants that will meet the needs of an evolving market. This allows our breeders to be at forefront and act as leaders when it comes to developing flavorful varieties. This process takes a great deal of patience, time, dedication and creativity.
Modern Breeding Techniques
Plant breeding involves interior proprietary processes that we at Westar have developed over time however it also includes investing time into speaking to end consumers and various parties in the supply chain process. By incorporating popular opinions , selecting the proper germplasm to satisfy market needs and drawing on the expertise of our team, we are always able to provide the tools for a better harvest.
Trialing & Feedback
Part of the plant breeding process includes countless trials that require dedication and attention to detail. We test our experimental, pre-commercial and commercial varieties in both open field and greenhouse settings across the globe so that we can gather valuable research, yield data and feedback from our team and customers. This process allows us to show what is being developed and available in our product pipeline.
Highlighted Varieties
By using new technology and by marketing our new varieties, we are creating opportunities for growers to maximize their profitability.