Westar Seeds International Inc, wlite vegetable varieties.

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Elite Breeding for Diverse Technologies & Markets

Dedicated to developing the elite varieties to produce high quality and flavorful vegetables for both open field and protected culture.

Expertise in Breeding & Development

Using the latest available technologies and techniques, we continue to innovate and develop vegetable varieties that have excellent yield potential, resist some of the most devastating diseases and improve eating quality. Through tireless research that includes incorporating traditional methods of selection coupled with genetic markers, we are able to cultivate the best varieties possible for growers and the end consumer.

Our products

Our variety portfolio reflects the newest consumer trends and includes some of the latest developments in vegetable breeding for both open field and protected culture.

About & History

From the beginning, Westar has been a customer-centric company working to build long-term relationships with growers. Over the past 28 years, Westar has expanded, however customers can still expect the same level of personal care and service that helped propel the company to becoming an industry leader. By expanding the product portfolio and breeding new varieties, Westar’s Breeders are also doing their part to provide that same exceptional service and product to our customers. Learn more about our history and our vision for the future.


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