Rooted in Values of Tradition, Quality & Transparency

Since 1992, Westar Seeds has been committed to developing elite vegetable varieties with superior genetics that benefit both the grower and the end consumer. As technology advanced, we began to incorporate more plant breeders and techniques that have allowed us to continue to meet our commitment to quality product and a personalized level of customer service while also acting as a leader in innovation.


Westar is headquartered in California’s Imperial Valley and is proud to serve customers in over 50 countries worldwide. Our backbone is a dedicated team who is passionate about the agricultural industry and feels a genuine responsibility to make positive contributions that support sustainability and the global food supply. When you partner with Westar, you can feel confident that you are building a long lasting relationship that is rooted in professionalism and research driven solutions.

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Our mission

Our mission is to provide the best vegetable genetics and superior customer service. We are able to achieve this by acting with integrity in every aspect of our business. Everything, from our breeding right down to our day-to-day operations, reflects a commitment to excellence. We understand that we are only as strong as our relationships with our customers, which is why we work to form lasting partnerships that help drive the entire industry forward. Today more than ever, people around the world need a constant supply of seed to produce food. We consider this a privilege to be able to help. As time evolves, our commitment will always be to serve you, in the most honorable way.

Elite Product Germplasm & Strict Attention to Detail

Over the years, Westar has continued to expand research and serve growers in more countries around the world. While this has allowed us to provide superior seed genetics to more people, it has not compromised our ability to provide a personalized level of customer service. We understand that customers have a choice about where they take their business. That is why we work hard to earn trust through a customer-centric approach and trial our varieties to offer you the best. When you partner with Westar, you can enjoy all the benefits of a leading global seed company along with the personal attention to detail.


After mastering the distribution, marketing and the breeding aspect of the business, the Westar Team conducts research in several countries by studying consumer trends. Part of the formula is to take into consideration flavor, nutrition content, quality and shelf life. Coupling that with selecting new varieties with high yield potential, strong resistance, and adaptability, our commercial product portfolio and new varieties in the breeding pipeline are superior and exciting.

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