Solanum lycopersicum
Phase: Commercial
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Type Saladette, Mini
Color Red
Conditions Protected
Resistances Cf, F(1-3), N, ToMV, TSWV, TYLCV

High end, early maturity and smaller long shelf life indeterminate saladette best noted for having a very healthy plant structure, ensuring best fruit production during the cycle. Fruits are firm, extremely uniform and clusters produce on average 9-11 tomatoes. Aside from having excellent quality fruit, resistance is a plus, allowing for growers to have a successful crop. Yields are very high and fruits weigh on average anywhere from 90 to 130 grams, depending on nutrition, pruning and cultural practices. Variety is very adaptable making it one of our best saladette varieties available for the export market.

Highlighted Varieties
Quality Control
At Westar, we pay a great deal of attention to detail in order to maintain the highest quality of seeds possible. Our rigorous quality control program ensures that the Westar Variety that is being sold has been inspected meticulously from the moment the production was harvested until the moment it is delivered to the customer.