Vesuvio (WS-4444)

Capsicum chinense
Phase: Commercial
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Type Habanero
Color Red
Conditions Dual
Resistances A, N, TMV, TSWV

One of our best rated red habanero varieties due to earliness in developing fruit and changing color. Grows on very vigorous plants. Plants grow indeterminately, which allow for multiple fruit harvests. Leaves reach large sizes too, great cover for protecting peppers that have average lengths of at least 2.5 inches (6.5 cm). On top of size and vigor in plant growth, this variety is quite astounding and impressive. Uniformity is one of the best you will find in this segment, with green fruits ripening to bright red color. Variety has a long shelf life and does well in both greenhouses and open field production.

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At Westar, we pay a great deal of attention to detail in order to maintain the highest quality of seeds possible. Our rigorous quality control program ensures that the Westar Variety that is being sold has been inspected meticulously from the moment the production was harvested until the moment it is delivered to the customer.